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Technical questions

NavSherpa can be installed with:
- Business Central 2019 Spring Release
- Business Central 2022 Wave 1
- Business Central 2022 Wave 2
- Business Central 2023 Wave 1 

NavSherpa has been tested with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft SharePoint 2016 (on-premise) and SharePoint Online (Microsoft 365).

NavSherpa partners can easily create demo environment (for customer presentations or internal testing) with RapidStart demo package.

Our decision was not to develop workflow features inside BC (such as workflow diagrams, lazy approvals or mobile applications) because we believe that best-of-breed applications should be integrated to achieve the best possible result.

That is why NavSherpa was designed to provide workflow automation with external workflow platforms out-of-the-box. Try to use our deployment scenarios and you can manage your first work flows in one hour without any deeper knowledge. With Microsoft 365 subscription, you can start to use workflow in BC immediately.

To start really "fast and easy" we recommend to use internal SharePoint workflow (included in Microsoft SharePoint) or even better Microsoft Power Automate.

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