All the features with external references

  • CONTENT TYPE - NavSherpa supports SharePoint Content Types in many ways such as individual metadata sets, manage visibility, define individual access, etc. Read more
  • CROSS SITE LOOKUP - NavSherpa can setup a lookup to a list in a different website from the site where you are creating the lookup. This wanted feature enables more scalable SharePoint setup scenarios. Read more
  • DOCUMENT SETS - NavSherpa can create document sets automatically with fully customizable names and metadata design. Read more
  • ENTITY is key concept used for a group of metadata stored in SharePoint list. NavSherpa has unique technology with data "hops" for cascade data creation or modification. Read more
  • HYBRID SCENARIOS - any list or library can be assigned to different site location by design. End user simply work with documents or use workflows without need to know  if he/she's working in local environment or in the cloud. Read more
  • LIST ITEM OPERATIONS - NavSherpa can provide distant operations on SharePoint such as creation, modification or deletion. Read more
  • ONE-WAY REPLICATION is automated process which transforem all records from a specific NAV table to a SharePoint list based on SQL TIMESTAMP attribute. Read more
  • RAPID START SERVICES - make configuration and implementation easier and faster. On top of that NavSherpa integrates RapidStart services to synchronization management so administrator can easily define how the data will be imported and validated from external sources. Read more
  • RECORD BASED ACCESS MANAGEMENT secures than only specific group of users would have access to group of documents stored in specific FOLDER or DOCUMENT SET. NavSherpa creates unique id set of users (similar to Dimension Set) and assign it to any BC record. This set could be used as permission set for newly created folder. Read more. (As a bonus this feature could be possibly used for filtering records on NAV pages but it requires futher investigation and testing. Read more).
  • SITE is used to partition your content in your site collection so that you can have finer control of the appearance and the permission to the content. Read more
  • SITE COLLECTION is made up of one top-level site and all sites below it. Read more
  • WEB CLIENT - NavSherpa SMART TREE is developed as web snippet to be used equally with Windows or Web BC client. Read more
  • WEB SERVICES - NavSherpa provides specific web services for external management of workflow events which is useful for many scenarios including integration with any independent workflow platform. Read more
  • WORKFLOW STATUS VALIDATION - approval status returned from a WORKFLOW event can be validated to any BC field. Read more

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