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NavSherpa has "perpetual licensing" as well as "subscription" pricing.

Please, fill in a form for partners or for customers for more information.

NavSherpa is licensed with a license key generated for each individual customer (NAV license) and includes following mandatory information:

a) NAV License Number (VOICE account number)
b) NavSherpa Edition (number of named users and sites)
c) License Type (perpetual or subscription)
d) Direct customer's e-mail (the key is sent by email to a customer)
e) Partner's e-mail (this email will be in copy)

NavSherpa Named Users are registered on the fly with their first writing operation. Users who only display NavSherpa content do not need NavSherpa User license.

NavSherpa writing operations:
* Document upload
* Change of metadata
* Documents deletion
* Workflow starting-up
* Automated Library Creation
* Each user with specific user permissions by Access Group Management feature
* etc.

NavSherpa viewers can display:
* NavSherpa tree
* Library Insight
* Workflow Status

A new user would not be able to do any writing operation when a number of NavSherpa Users reached licensed quantity. 

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